The Energy of Black Orpheus

The Energy of Black Orpheus
Reiki Energy Movie Review


Black Orpheus is the retelling of the Orpheus and Eurydice episodic myth. It is a beautiful shot film set during the time of Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. Black Orpheus won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1960 and was directed by Marcel Camus.


I just wanted to comment on the kinetic energy of the film. It is a non-stop thrill ride of dance and happiness that fills you with magical drum beats and spooky rhythms. The energy is contagious!! One can’t help but to enjoy the speedy feeling of constant motion, beats and laughter.

Watching this film really got me thinking of Reiki energy and how we can look at the affects of entertainment as a form of therapy and healing. What we watch enters into us and does find a place to stay and hide. I’m thinking of many new Netflix movies that just end with people screaming and then sudden death, leaving the viewer left with nothing. With that, I can’t help but to believe that this kind of entertainment adds to our blockages, especially the third eye. Black Orpheus doesn’t do that, sure it is a tragedy and all but it gives you a gift and fills you up! You receive extreme happiness from watching people doing what they love. As well it is a good example of citizens being proud of their country and embracing their culture, all in which can seem to be fading away more and more these days.

In addition the color blue is so beautifully used throughout this film, as well the structures have great weathered textures and vintage tin graphics and of course remarkable views! Go watch this movie and then dance as fast as you can!

You in mind. ~ Jeremy

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