Nina Perrson & Matt Larson. Is it really real?

I awoke this morning with this song in my head. Something fun from the past, a music sampler for kids. The lyrics are something that many grown ups maybe challenged by for it asks to think outside the box a bit, it asks you to ponder the thought of ~ Is it really real? Or your imagination?

So before writing this I thought I’d give it a search on the Tube and quickly found it. But to my surprise the video cuts out the entire middle of the song. The best part as far as I am concerned. Further the part that is cut is about TV & entertainment news, simply that it is not real. I thought to myself, was this message to strong for kids to hear?  Why would a unique song encouraging imagination need to be edited or dumbed down? Who would be scared of such a simple truth? So I’d like to share the middle section of the song that reads so true to today, an idea that could shatter most but inspire many if they really stopped to think about it. ~

Is it really real? Or your imagination?

On TV their are places and people with faces that you know.
It’s a never ending show.

They can fly, they can die, they can lie.
But if you try to ask them why?
They’ll never really answer.
Cause they never learned to hear.
And they will never let you touch them.
Pull the plug and they will disappear.

When I say it is Blue.
You say you can see it too.
But what I say is Blue.
Might look like it is green to you.

Is it really real? Or your imagination.?
Is it what it seems or is it just a dream?
Is it what you see that’s real or is it what you feel?

I strongly encourage all to take a moment to look deep within themselves.  As well, enrich yourself by allowing your internal vision to see the physical and mental affects caused by the manipulation that TV and the media have on us.  Do you feel empty? Angry? Nervous? Tired? Depressed? Hook line and sinker, it works!!  So ask yourself.  Is it really real, or is it entertainment?

You in mind. ~ Jeremy

Thanks for such a great song Matt and Nina!

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