Yesterday was day three of my search for a Vicks Vapor Inhaler. I’ve been wanting one so as to enhance my morning balance meditations. I had tried 3 places, and was beginning to feel that maybe they were out of season because it is summer? So I asked the pharmacist at Safeway if they had any and she said that they didn’t and that Walmart had them. ~ I do not shop at Walmart, ~ and thought well I will have to just keep looking. ~

When I am at Safeway I like to snoop in the discount area, you never know what you are going to find. I then started to noticed all of this DOG STUFF and then thinking to myself, that it was funny, because I just re-activated my ~ ~ ROVER ~ ~ account to now offer up my services for pet boarding and house sitting. So that was cool, but then right in the center of all of these dog leashes, was one ( and only one & @ 50% off) a Vick’s Vapor Inhaler!!

It is moments like this when I feel my strong sense of inner source and I know that The Laws of Attraction are working for me! The more we are in-tune with it, the harder it wants to work for us, allowing for life changes and endless possibilities’! Be specific, The law likes strong intention!

Check out my ~ ROVER ~ Pet Profile, I am in LAURAVILLE / HAMILTON, MD. Baltimore, if offer 30% off pet Reiki with the addition of one of my pet care options. ~ TEXT ME! ~

You in mind. ~ Jeremy

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