Intuitive Goal Guidance

In addition to REIKI I can help guide you in an advanced direction towards your life goals with a visceral approach using visual strategies, emotional triggers and positive mindsets. One on one, I work with the energy that you project to the world to help resolve your deepest issues;

• Body issues
• Emotions
• Financial
• Habits
• Diet
• Depression
• Life style
• Relationships
• Jobs
• Love
• Family

By gauging these sources of pain and disconnect I can help you increase your intuition by guiding you through the process of introducing near and distant goals, new habits, positive thoughts & beliefs as well visual presentation that support the life you want to live.
Healing these issues and enlightening your consciousness, you can open yourself up to love and the abundance of all the opportunities that life has to offer.


What to expect ~ 60 Minutes ~ Phone or Coffee @ Zeke’s

The initial consultation I’ll ask you various basic questions about your life including your goals, wants / needs and overall mental state. From there we will enter into a dialog exploring the ins and outs of your life.  I will pin point the areas of your life that maybe causing inner or outer turmoil.

Then when we decide to continue, we’ll set up a time frame for you to work on a few goals and exercises. This then continues with another phone call or coffee in which we will continue to nurture your journey and our relationship. The extent of the progress is totally up to you, the bigger the goal the better!  Together we can go far!  This is strictly confidential.



  You in mind.
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