petsaftlysignI’ve been setting many new life goals for myself and one of them is to be the first to achieve any new experience that life has to offer me. So yesterday I was shopping at the Parkville, Md., Petco searching for a new Pet Alert decal for my front door. I have recently reactivated my ROVER pet boarding services and wanted that little extra imagery to ensure the safety for the owners pets, as well my own.

Searching the store, I met an excited ferret as well some curious little parakeets. Further I was introduced to a nice Chameleon named Charolette, the salesgirl told me that she liked to turn brown when she got scared, and that the males didn’t like to be held.

Entering into the home zone ~ the cat jungles created an exalted ~ M.C. Escher ~ maze vision inside my mind, (I have always had a hard time understanding how one could live with them.)  And when I did finally find the decals,  I could see that there was only one left.  Thinking of my new goal resolution, I then realized that I was glad to accept this final place for being the last one to buy this decal for my door. This filled me with great joy, knowing that others were thinking of their pet’s and their ~ happiness, safety & protection.

You can order a free Pet Safety Pack from the A.S.P.C.A. on there website, Petco’s were 2 for $4 and some change.  Always let your pet know just how much you love them & you will be a winner every time!


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