Tara Puja ~ Green Tara Chanted Prayers at Kadampa Meditation Center, Baltimore, MD.

World Peace Temple


I’ve always thought and acted like a Buddhist and have recently felt the need to commit to the philosophy of this great ancient wisdom. My first retreat (Essences of Nectar) is now what I am finding a bit more advanced then I thought it was. It honestly brought me to that next level that I have always been searching for. It got me! That retreat changed everything and I am so honored to have been welcomed into this wondrous temple and to have the opportunity to get to meet all the people who make this sacred place so special.

This weekends Green Tara chanted prayers is Kadampa’s 24 hour prayer cycle, each lasting about an hour with resting time in between. I attended the 10pm Friday night session with the amazement of the body count at a high 11! 11 is a very powerful number in numerology, it signifies many things, manly I always think of it as balance and blessings. So with this I felt like there was something extra special in the air which added to my eager mind. The prayer is very intense and I knew that I was going to have to come back in the morning so I just sat and meditated, listening to all the harmonious voices chanting the words to Tara.


5:30 am. I awake with great anticipation and felt that the Tara chanting had obsorbed into me somehow. I was thinking of the Son (light) and of the inner wealth that the prayer was given to me from the night before. I stepped on to my porch and quickly paused, looking up to a clear light blue morning sky that had a semi half moon just resting their, waiting for me, telling me how great it all was going to be.


Entering through the back side of the temple, I had forgotten that most everyone had been sleeping in there for the nights prayers. But as soon as 6am hit, POW! We are back on! This time I felt like I slipped right into the chanting, reading along and having a better understanding of the value of the powers that Green Tara Buddha Mother was offering us as well my giving back to her with my tremendous thanks and understanding of this special gift that I was receiving in this holy place.


This experience was another success for the temple and I am so happy that I came back for the second time to fully understand the power and the meaning of it all. I will continue to receive the wisdom and the guidance that the Buddha’s have been giving me. This new relationship with Buddhism has unlocked an epic journey within, one that I know Kadampa, Maryland will help me to fully achieve my enlightenment. I strongly encourage anyone who is missing something in their life, weather it’s depression, social disconnect or an overall imbalance (11) with the world, to give the temple a try. Your inner happiness deserves this magical gift.

Check out Kadampa’s website for their calendar and events. Each month has many interesting events to choose from, many of which are free. But for a real adventure, try out one of their retreats, you won’t regret it!


You in mind. ~ Jeremy


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