Crystals, Candles & Cauldrons. Baltimore’s Favorite Mystical Shop

greenmanI’ve been to Crystals, Candles & Cauldrons many times. Each visit has been out of pure desire, this time was no different. It had been about a month since the seed was planted in my head that I was looking for a blue rock of some kind to use with my morning balance mediation. I wasn’t sure of what kind of blue but I knew that it would be there! So my husband and I finally decide that we are going to get up and go on a Wednesday. We have been learning about planetary magic and thought that Mercury’s speed would assure us a quick in and out, but with all the wonder of the items in the store, it didn’t quit work out that way.

Upon arrival I can see that the store has just opened as well I see the owner, Shellie Klimm sitting near the Tarot corner, preparing for another busy day. We are met with the warmest of greetings, and then head for the rocks! As soon as we start digging through the many varieties of stones, we hear a man enter, asking Shellie for some spiritual advise on ridding himself of a spell that he feels someone had put on him. Shellie instantly gets into it with her direct intention so to clarify many of the mans questions and to navigate his thoughts with her understanding of the powers that be. It was interesting to over hear, and I thought to myself, GOD,  she must get this a lot!

After finding a few small stones and some incense, I knew that Shellie had her real nice gems and crystals in cases that were on the other floor. Browsing the selection I instantly notice the blue rock! A beautiful Azure blue stone that just spoke to me. I ask to see it and much to my surprise it was Azurite Malachite! I knew of it’s healing powers from something I had read, so I knew that it was the one. We continuously chat with Shellie as we then parooz the candles, exchanging ideas of spirits and essential oils when I notice another man who enters, basically asking her the same exact questions about someone placing a spell on him. Again, Shellie sincerely explains her wisdom on the subject to the man, as she glances over to me, I can just tell what she is thinking.

At check out she informs me that this need of supernatural guidance and witch craft interest, happens to her everyday. I then think to myself, that she is not just the owner of the best place in Baltimore to get all your energy essentials but she is also a spiritual advisor.

We thank Shellie for such a great time and tell her that we will be back, and as I am leaving, I can see the second man eagerly approach her again, still not satisfied with the information that she told him, I laugh a little and give her a protective thought, and bless her loving soul.

Crystals, Candles and Cauldrons has been in Hampden for 12 years and is continuously getting new supplies from worldly vendors. Shellie and her daughter hand pick the items, so you can be assured on the quality of anything that you buy there!

As well there are Tarot readings most everyday which could be something you could put on your list the next time you feel your desire to visit the store for that extra special mystical item.

~ Tarot Readings ~
Trivia ~ Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2-7
Laura ~ Fridays 2-6 & Sundays 2-5
& Scott is around Sundays from 2-8, but you should call, I hear he is a busy man.

~ CCC ~
927-B West 36th Street
Baltimore, MD, 21211

410- 467-4111



Yesterday was day three of my search for a Vicks Vapor Inhaler. I’ve been wanting one so as to enhance my morning balance meditations. I had tried 3 places, and was beginning to feel that maybe they were out of season because it is summer? So I asked the pharmacist at Safeway if they had any and she said that they didn’t and that Walmart had them. ~ I do not shop at Walmart, ~ and thought well I will have to just keep looking. ~

When I am at Safeway I like to snoop in the discount area, you never know what you are going to find. I then started to noticed all of this DOG STUFF and then thinking to myself, that it was funny, because I just re-activated my ~ ~ ROVER ~ ~ account to now offer up my services for pet boarding and house sitting. So that was cool, but then right in the center of all of these dog leashes, was one ( and only one & @ 50% off) a Vick’s Vapor Inhaler!!

It is moments like this when I feel my strong sense of inner source and I know that The Laws of Attraction are working for me! The more we are in-tune with it, the harder it wants to work for us, allowing for life changes and endless possibilities’! Be specific, The law likes strong intention!

Check out my ~ ROVER ~ Pet Profile, I am in LAURAVILLE / HAMILTON, MD. Baltimore, if offer 30% off pet Reiki with the addition of one of my pet care options. ~ TEXT ME! ~

You in mind. ~ Jeremy